Baby Ashlyn

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a baby photo session, after Christmas I took a little bit of time off and I’ve been doing so many weddings lately that I haven’t had as much time for the babies.  Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off baby season than with this little cutie!  I’ve never seen a two week old baby with so many rolls, it was so adorable.  She has such an adorable round little face.

Enjoy this sneak peek!



Baby Mikey’s Baptism

You may remember this handsome little man from his newborn pictures I shot a couple months ago. He has gotten so big since then and is filled out very nicely with cute little baby fat. I was lucky enough to be invited to capture this very important event is his life. It’s so great to see him growing up, and also his big sister Leia whom I’ve been photographing since he was 6 months old. Enjoy the sneak peek of Mikey’s baptism at The Sacred Heart Church.

He didn’t think this was very serious. =) I thought it was funny how everyone was listening with very serious looks on their faces but Mikey was making faces at me. He’s such a little ham!


He’s so adorable!

Autumm and Jason Maternity

I love all my clients, I really truly have the pleasure of working with so many great people. But I have to admit that I love even more when my brides and grooms become my baby clients. It’s like taking all the steps with them and I am so honored to be able to capture all the very best moments in their lives. Autumm and Jason were married last year and shortly after the wedding I received the news that they were expecting. I am so happy for these two and can’t wait to see their little boy who is scheduled to arrive in March.

Enjoy the sneak peek! =)





Baby Levi

As you can tell by the Blog I’ve been shooting so many newborns lately.  I love newborns!  They are so sweet and tiny and they smell so sweet (most of the time).  Baby Levi was 5 weeks old when I shot these pictures and I was sure that there was no way he would sleep through the session.  The first day I went to take his picture I was right, he would not shut his eyes no matter what his mom and dad did so I told them not to worry and that I’d come back the next day and maybe then he would sleep.  Well as soon as I got there he knocked right out and slept like a champ for me for almost an hour.  I wanted to share some awake pictures this time because I usually never take newborn pictures with their eyes open but I couldn’t resist Levi’s beautiful eyes.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful and I hope to be able to capture every stage of this beautiful baby’s growth.

Enjoy this sneak peek!




My last 2008 shoot

I’m closing out 2008 with a great newborn session with adorable baby Jackson.  Actually Jackson is barely a newborn anymore, he turned 3 weeks old yesterday and I have to admit that it was a lot harder to curl up a baby as old as 3 weeks and it was also pretty hard to keep him sleeping.  But I think in the end and after almost four hours we came out with some great shots.

Have a happy New Year everyone!  Gina, enjoy the sneak peek of your beautiful baby boy!



Santa Baby

Today I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweet heart.  She was a perfect little model for me as was knocked out for the entire session.  I will be breif with this post because mom just emailed letting me know that she can’t sleep until I post and so I can’t keep her waiting a second longer.

Christine, thank you again for choosing me to capture this moment in your daughters life, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.




Almost one

This little guy is turning one in just a few weeks so mom and dad wanted to get some first birthday shots and Christmas shots.  I always love shooting one year olds, they are so sweet and smiley.  I love them!  What I love even more is when they have adorable clothes for the pictures.  I was so excited when I heard what mom brought, a cowboy hat and boots.  I had the perfect spot right down the street for the little buckaroo pictures and I have to say that they couldn’t have come out more perfect.  I wish I could share more but it’s past midnight and I’m too sleepy now to even see the computer screen straight so four is all I can post tonight.

Enjoy the sneak peek. =)

I think this was definitely one of my favorites!


And just look at this smile. . . . what a little heartbreaker!


Santa’s cutest little helper.


The family!


A Day Out With Thomas

What is the best thing that you can do for a three year old boy who loves Thomas and all things trains?  Bring his fantasy world to life!  I was lucky enough to be able to take my son to A Day Out With Thomas this past Tuesday, and I have to say that it was one of the best things that I was ever able to do for him.  He was so excited, and I was even a little excited too.  It’s not everyday you see a life size Thomas the train.  It was also the first time I had ever been on a real train.  This weekend is the last time Thomas will be here until next year so if you have a preschooler who loves trains don’t hesitate to take them this Saturday!

Gavin was so excited to see Thomas!



Gavin with the Conductor on Thomas the Train!


Bob the Builder was there too and put on a great show.


There were so many cool trains to take pictures on, this was only one of many.


This shot cracked me up!  Gavin was so mad at me for putting him on the train for a picture when all he wanted to do was run around and play.  This is his, “please put the camera away Mom!” face.


Baby Fever

Everytime I photograph a newborn I want another baby, but this time I have serious baby fever.  As I rocked little baby Peyton in my arms and put my hand over the top of her little tiny head my heart ached for another little baby.  There is nothing in this world quite like the innocence of a newborn baby.  Sadly they are only this little for a very short period of time and they grow up to be little people that don’t want you to hold them or help them do anything (my sons are at this stage now).  I am so lucky to be able to have a job that I’m able to be around precious little babies and cure my baby fever just for a little while.

Enjoy the photos of beautiful baby Peyton.



I just picked up this cute vintage baby scale from the antique barn across the street from my studio in SJC, the only problem is the paint chipping away at the bottom, but I kind of like that, it gives it more of an antique look.




Jenni’s Baby Bump!

I met Jenni about five years ago when we worked in the same Leasing Office. Jenni is the kind of girl you meet and you just immediately love, she is so sweet and kind and smart, and as you can see she’s beautiful. I don’t remember if we became friends right away but it wasn’t too long after we worked together that we became great friends. The funny thing was that I found out I was pregnant with Gavin just weeks before Jenni found out she was pregnant with her first child, Vanden. Our friend Mary who also worked in our office was pregnant with her first baby as well. The three of us became great friends and went through our first pregnancies together. Two years later Mary and I had our second babies, Mary had two girls and I had two boys. This baby is Jenni’s second, and she’s as smart to have waited a while longer as she is lucky because she is pregnant with a baby girl (her first baby was a boy). I couldn’t be more happier for Jenni, I literally screamed our loud when I found out she was pregnant and then screamed again when I found out it was a girl. I couldn’t wait to take her maternity pictures and now I can’t wait to take little miss Peyton’s newborn pictures, so stay tuned because she is due the first week of November.

Jenni, I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!






A Tiny Orange

Meet Miss Emma, president and CEO of an Orange County blog called Tiny Oranges. Emma is one of the most darling little girls ever, and she was so well behaved the entire session. We met up at the new Sweet Baby Studio in San Juan Capistrano and wandered around the city to find some amazing places to shoot. San Juan Capistrano has always been one of my favorite places to do engagement sessions but this is my first time shooting a kid here, but believe me when I say it won’t be the last.

Enjoy the sneak peek of Emma, and be sure to check out!



Family Mini Sessions

With Christmas quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards, and of course, Christmas pictures. Last year I did mini sessions for just children’s portraits, and it went well but I feel like I need more time to devote to getting great pictures of children and babies, ten minutes just isn’t long enough. Family pictures are different and usually only take about 15 minutes to get a great family picture. So this year I am going to set one date specially for family portrait sessions. There are only ten spots available and this is a very special offer that will not come again for a very long time. Morning sessions will be catered with Scones and Orange Juice from the Tea House Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano. Afternoon and Evening sessions will be catered by Sprinkles Cupcakes.

The Details:

* 15 minutes of time shooting + 5 minutes of time to select your picture out of the ones that I took = 20 minute session
* 25 Boxed Christmas Cards with your family picture (additional cards will be $50/25)
* 1 – 11×14 portrait, 2 – 5×7 portraits, 4 – 4×6 prints

When and Where:

*Saturday November 2nd – My studio in San Juan Capistrano (9:00, 9:45, 10:30, 11:15, 12:00, 1:30, 4:30, 5:15, 6:00, 6:45)


$400 per family

Here are a couple examples of the Holiday Card Templates that I will be offering, more examples will be shown on the day of the mini sessions.
Time slots will book up quickly so if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible by email at or by phone at 866.828.2871



As if they stepped out of a magazine. . .

When I first spoke to Stacey she told me that her back yard had been featured in OC Living, so right away I had a feeling that this would be a great session. I knew that at the very least I would have a great background to shoot the pictures, but little did I know that these little ones would be so adorable. I told Stacey that her family was a perfect “magazine” family. I had so much fun at this session, thank you again Stacey for letting me capture the pictures of your babies, I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek.


Soccer Season has begun!

My little boy started his first season of soccer on Monday and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He was all over the place the first day but today was his second day and he did awesome! Even though he’s the youngest kid on the team he is kicking butt. . . I mean kicking balls! Daddy took this picture of Gavin, I couldn’t get in on the camera action since I’m the Assistant Coach of the team. Gavin and I are having so much fun and I am so proud to be a Soccer Mom! If you’re a soccer mom too check out this website and get a cute soccer mom t-shirt. I still haven’t decided which one I want, maybe I’ll take them all. =)


Mikey Jr.

Lately my favorite thing to do is photographing newborns.  It may be that they are so innocent and tiny, or it may be that I’m getting serious baby fever now that my boys are growing up so fast.  Either way I am having so much fun doing my job!  Today was exceptionally fun because I finally got to meet baby Mikey.  I have been waiting for him for a very long time!  He is the brother of little Leia who I’ve photographed many times, she’s so excited to be a big sister.  Like always I had a hard time deciding which pictures to blog because I loved so many, but these are by far my top three.

Enjoy the sneak peek Imee!  Thanks again for letting me be a part of capturing your memories!

In the beginning we were a little bit worried that Mikey would never fall asleep.


But when he did fall asleep he was totally out and let us pose him perfectly!  Just look at his sweet little face, he’s always going to have great lips and a pout that’s sure to get him everything he wants.


Sweet Baby Justin

Today I had the pleasure of shooting one year old Justin.  He is such a sweet little boy and oh so cute!  My littlest is the same age, just a couple months older but it’s always fun shooting a familiar age because I know exactly what to expect.  One year old’s just don’t like to sit still, but we were able to get some great shots of this little guy, maybe someday I’ll get some of my own little one year old.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

I loved this little spot just down the street from their house.  I have to say that it was not a bad area at all! =)


I think Justin looks so adorable and snuggly here, this was one of my favorites!